Friday 26 April 2013

Hi Guys

Thank you for visiting my Minecraft Blogg - I have loved Minecraft for a few years now, just played around with it, loved building small buildings, played around with mine carts very little, and enjoyed deep mining.  My son has set up an online setup at one time where we all played together, which was good fun, great to see what the other person had designed and built.

Now my Son gave me the idea of doing a Blogg so here goes.

My first day on this project which is just to build and grow the world, see what I can do, make, mend, mine and farm.

Wish me luck because I will need it, I have never done a large build / world type thing.

Please post your comments and links your pictures, I would love to see your world grow too.

This picture at the right is the starter of something great (I hope) - got an idea and running with it.

 Still running with the idea and coming along nicely......

Well, walls are coming on ok, and the floor is fitting in a treat.......

27 - 4 - 13
Made more adjustments and added more blocks getting to look something like - lots more to do but here are a few more pictures.